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A Brief Introduction of OSHAssociation UK

Occupational Safety and Health Association, United Kingdom (OSHAssociation UK) is an independent professional Association with international membership and regional chapters worldwide.

Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation Pakistan) is committed to supporting individuals and corporate organizations around the world in achieving ZERO fatalities/accidents, at workplaces.  The Association works by fostering collaboration, research and information sharing on Occupational Safety principles and advocating for changes to match national, regional, and global policies to improve Occupational Safety and Health in workplaces.

OSHAssociation UK, Pakistan Region Observes the World Environment Day 2021

Making sure your employees know and fully understand health and safety requirements that will help them to minimize risk, protecting both them and your business. Contact us to register for your training today and gain safety skills and knowledge required in the industry.

Become an Authorised Independent Training Provider in Pakistan and get OSHAssociation International Health and Safety Certificates from United Kingdom for your candidates . 

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OSHAssociation Pakistan Region, exist first and foremost to promote health and safety in the region. We believe that everyone has a right to a healthy and safe working environment. And we work hard to provide guidance that helps people take a sensible and practical approach to health and safety at workplaces. We have a lot of events in the region to engage members, such as summits, workshops, conferences and seminars throughout the year, kindly check out for the next line of events in the region and do your registration.